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At version 4.3.61 there is a batch delete plot tool which can be used to delete all plots within a stand if no plots have been measured (not plots have any trees). This tool is accessed from the Plots button (icon is grid of 9 points) on the Stand feature. When the options open, select Delete Plots. This action will delete all plots without asking for confirmation, but will only proceed if there are no trees collected for any plot within the stand. If even a single plot has a single tree this tool cannot be used. This restriction is in place to prevent accidental deletion of plots. Note: For batch delete to be enabled you must enable the Stand Summary option in the MobileMapCruise>Stand & Plot Summaries > Enable Calculation of Stand Summary.


The plot layout tool in MobileMap (and InventoryManager) uses the following algorithm to create plots:

  1. If using count or density, determine the number of plots that should be created for the stand

    1. If using count - the plot count is already known

    2. If using density - the plot count will be calculated as acres divided by the density (which is stored in acres per plot)

  2. Calculate initial spacing

    1. If using pre-defined spacing, then spacing is already known

    2. If using count or density, initial spacing will be calculated as a function of area and plot count. If the stand shape was a square, this could be calculated precisely. Since stands are not squares, the spacing is estimated based on an average area/perimeter ratio

  3. Create randomized origin point

    1. Use a random X and random Y offset that is between 0 and the plot spacing. The goal for this is two-fold: to avoid a gap at the origin when stands are rectangular and oriented North-South and/or East-West, and to prevent cases where the algorithm might not converge due to odd stand shape

  4. Use origin point and initial spacing to lay out plots in X and Y dimensions. Plots are laid out in a continuous grid from the origin point to the max X and Y coordinates. If diamond pattern is selected in Settings (Settings > MobileMap Cruise > Plot Layout > Use Diamond Layout) then every other row will be offset by 1/2 of spacing.

  5. Intersect plots with stand polygon(s) and keep all plots that fall within polygon(s)

    1. If using count/density

      1. Count the number number of plots within the polygon(s)

      2. If plot count is too low, decrease the spacing. If plot count is too high, increase the spacing

      3. Repeat steps 3-5 until the target count is matched exactly, or the maximum number of iterations (Settings > MobileMap Cruise > Plot Layout > Maximum Iterations) is reached

  6. Display the plots and provide user ability to accept or reject them

    1. If they accept (green checkbox) the points are written to the database. The values for any inherited fields are inherited at this time from their parent stand (including Parent_ID, Stand_ID, etc.). On next upload from MobileMap, these features will be saved to the Feature Service. In the meantime, they can be edited (including plot capture, status update, etc.) or deleted.

    2. If they are rejected (red X), the user can go back to the tool (tap Stand to open for editing, tap Stand options icon (9 dots), select Plot Layout if prompted) and re-run tool.