MobileMap: Installation and Licensing

Overview of Process

The diagram below provides an overview of the process for Installing, Licensing and Configuring MobileMap for first use. This process is detailed below on this page (Installation and Licensing) and on the next page (Configuration and Download - see link at the bottom). It is important to note that these instructions are general instructions that apply to most users. In some organizations the process may be different based on what an administrator may have already completed (e.g., creation of folder structure and base maps) or how settings are managed.

Before You Begin

  • This guide is intended to support the process of downloading, installing and configuring MobileMap for licensed MobileMap users.  If at any time in this process you need help to complete a step, or experience an error that you cannot resolve, please contact WSG's software support at:

  • Make sure that you created a 6 digit license request code (e.g., a1b2c3) at If you need assistance contact WSG's software support using the methods above.

  • If you have a previous version of MobileMap on your tablet:

    • Please make sure that all data have been uploaded.  If you experience issues uploading data, please export your current database using Actions > Export Database, and contact WSG to arrange for your data to be recovered. 

    • Once you have your device code and all data have been uploaded (or if there are no data to upload), you should should now be ready to download, install and configure MobileMap.

    • Under some scenarios, you may need to uninstall the previous version of MobileMap prior to installing a new MobileMap version. This typically occurs when there has been a new ‘major’ release of MobileMap (increase in the 2nd component of the version number) or if you are upgrading from a much older MobileMap release. If you experience any problems during or immediately after upgrading MobileMap, try uninstalling the previous version then re-installing the current MobileMap release. To do this, open up Android Android Settings (gear icon) then go to 'Apps'.  Scroll down until you see MobileMap and select it, then tap on 'Uninstall'. You should now be ready to download and configure MobileMap.

  • If this is your first installation of MobileMap, you will need a folder to store offline base maps and MobileMap-generated files (backups, photos, etc.).

Download and Install MobileMap


  • To download the latest version of the MobileMap in a browser on either on your PC or your Android Mobile device. If downloading on your PC, you will then need to copy the installer package (Zip file) to your tablet, which may require a USB cable connection.

  • If you have not yet registered with this site, you will need to self-register in order to access all of the menu items, including the Resources tab where downloads can be found. Note that you will receive an email from the system when self-registering, make sure that this doesn’t end up in your junk/spam folder.

  • One you are logged into the website (on PC or Android device) select ‘Downloads' from the ‘Resources’ tab at the top right of the page, then click the blue ‘Download’ button next to the standard version of MobileMap (not Road, unless your organization’s)

  • Select 'Download Tap the link to download MobileMap

  • If you are downloading on your Android device you can locate the downloaded installer file ( via one of the following approaches:

    • Dragging down from the top of your screen to show notifications, one should say something similar to ' Download Complete'.  Tap this notification to begin installing MobileMap, or

    • Use a file browser (e.g. MyFiles, Astro, etc.) and navigating to Tablet > Downloads, or other location you chose for downloads on your tablet


  • Tap on the downloaded file (or notification) to being the installation process. On some devices you may need to manually unzip the downloaded file prior to installing. If you find this necessary, try a long press to select the zip file, then use the more option (…) and select the ‘unzip file’ (or equivalent) option.

  • During install you may be asked to accept permissions, such as access to media and your location information.  Please select ALLOW to grant access and continue.

  • After installation MobileMap will open automatically

  • You will be prompted to select your Data Directory.  This is the location on your mobile device where base maps will be stored for offline use and where MobileMap generated files, including database backups, photos, etc. will be stored.

    • Tap SELECT

    • In the user interface that opens, you may need to select ‘Show SD card’ from the ‘more’ menu. Select the MicroSD card from the list on the left and navigate to the MobileMap directory. When you are in the correct directory, tap the link at the bottom which should read ‘SELECT' or something similar.

    • Verify the path in the Select Data Directory popup and, if correct, select save


  • If you miss this step and need to select or change your data directory later the steps to do this are:


    • Follow the steps above

License Device

  • Open the License Device tool (Actions > LICENSE DEVICE)

  • Choose one of these two options for licensing your device

    • If you a doing a self-guided evaluation of MobileMap

      • leave the ‘Trial License’ (default) option selected and enter your email address on the line below

    • Select 'Paid License'

      • Enter in the 6 letter code that was provided to you by your Organization or WSG

  • Tap 'Submit' 

  • MobileMap will communicate with our license server to request a license code and then save it in the MobileMap application settings

  • 'X' to close the License Device dialog


  • Restart MobileMap (Actions Menu  > CLOSE MOBILEMAP > Confirm then reopen by tapping MobileMap icon ) for the new license to take effect.

Next Step Configuration and Download