MobileMap: Search for Spatial Features

Search for Spatial Features Overview

MobileMap provides the ability to search for spatial features from a feature layer or Shapefile. The overall workflow is:

  1. Select layer to search

  2. Select the search tool, supply a single attribute field and value then execute the search

  3. Review search results

Search for Spatial Features Detailed Description

  1. Select layer to search

    1. Select identify tool

    2. Select layer you want to search


  2. Select the Search Tool

    1. Select a single attribute field that you want to search

    2. Select the ‘operator’

    3. Enter the value to search for

    4. Execute the search

  3. Search Results

    1. Review table

    2. Select a row to zoom to that feature

    3. Long press on a row to add that to the selected features

  4. Clear selected features

    1. Select the 'X' to clear the selection

5. Select the ‘delete record’ to delete the selected record