Inventory Management System - Helpful Links



This page includes links to webpages and videos that give information on WSG Inventory Management System. This material covers both an introduction to the system as well as examples or demonstrations of functionality and workflows.

WSG Software Page

High level overview of WSG’s MobileMap and Inventory Manager applications

Online Support Site with Extensive Documentation

Instructional documents for both MobileMap and InventoryManager

MobileMap Documentation:

InventoryManager Documentation:

Conference Presentations and Training Videos

SAF Forest Tech Connect Webinar: Next-Gen Forest Inventory using ESRI, Android, Cloud, & TCruise

Auburn University Deploys Next-Gen Integrated Mapping and Inventory System for Forestry Education Presentation

Colorado State Forest Service: InventoryManager and MobileMap Training

Forest Inventory Modernization - Successes & Lessons Learned in NC's Trans. to ESRI-based Solution

Using Esri Tech for Inventory: Providing Scalable, Affordable, Android & Cloud-Based Solutions

SAF 2020 Innovation Zone: Using Esri Technology for Forest Inventory

MobileMap Demonstration Videos


Creating Stands in MobileMap -

Allocating Plots in MobileMap -

Navigate to plots - 


MobileMap Downloads and Licensing Site

For current MobileMap customers and those interested in downloading an evaluation copy