MobileMap: Application Licensing


MobileMap is licensed from WSG on a per-device basis. Each device must have a unique device code which will be provided to your organization’s MobileMap administrator. This document covers the process for creating and managing device codes and for using these device codes within MobileMap to request and update licenses.

The workflow for creating device codes and obtaining and refreshing licenses:

Create Device Codes

To begin the process MobileMap administrator(s) within your organization must self register at . This will require an email verification step, so be sure to check your junk mail folder if you do not receive the confirmation email during registration. Once you have confirmed your email and signed into this site, contact WSG and let us know you are registered. WSG staff will create a new Organization within the licensing site and set the new user(s) as an Organization Manager(s). When those users log in again, they will see a new tab labeled ‘Resources’.

The beginning of the licensing process is to create a ‘License Code’ from the My Licenses page.

On the MyLicense page, click the ‘Add Device’ and populate the Add Device form

We recommend using unique titles that help you keep track of tablets and have seen clients use things like the device make/model, the group within your organization, the type of user, etc. Some examples include: ‘Samsung Tab A 1’, ‘Inventory 2’, ‘Northern 3’. Select your organization name, leave status as ‘Enabled’ and enter in the name and email of the intended user. User information is not required but can be helpful for tracking who is using licenses within your organization. Once you click save, you will be returned to the MyLicense page and will see the new device code in your list of device codes.

Provide the 6 character device code (e.g., 6b45e4 in image above) to the user who will license the device.

Licensing Your Device

Once you have your 6 character device code (e.g., 6b45e4 in image above), open MobileMap and go the License Device (Actions > License Device). Set to ‘Paid Device’, enter the device code, then tap ‘Submit’. You should receive a message stating: “Registration successful (100)”

Renewing Your License

By default, MobileMap is set to automatically renew your license before it expires. Starting at 14 days before your license expires, when MobileMap starts up and you are connected to WiFi, it will try to automatically renew its license. To disable this functionality, go to Settings > Licensing > Automatic License Renewal and set the value to ‘Never’. This setting can also be used to change the auto-renewal window from 14 days to a smaller or larger auto-renewal window.

When a device does not auto-renew because auto-renew was disabled, or MobileMap was not used during the warning period, you can manually renew your license. To do this, follow the same steps as ‘Licensing Your Device’, although you should not need to re-enter your device code - simply tap Submit to re-submit the code. You should receive a message stating: “Registration successful - License renewal successful (101)'

Error Messages

If you receive an error message during the licensing or license renewal, please verify your device code, ensure you are connected to WiFi and re-submit. If it fails again, please contact support and provide the error text and associated error code (e.g., 111).

If you may at times receive a message stating “Registration successful - License renewal successful. Note that previous license existed for this device code which used different Android ID. That license has been disabled and can not be renewed (123)”. This typically occurs when your device as received an Android update that has caused a change to its Android ID. It can also occur if you uninstall and re-install MobileMap (not recommended but sometimes necessary for major releases or upgrade from a much older release), rather than simply upgrading.

Disabling a License

If you don’t want a device to be able to refresh its license, you can disable it on the MyLicenses page at . This is useful when a device is stolen or if you are retiring an older device. This prevents a user from refreshing the license and continuing to use MobileMap on that device.