MobileMap: Support


  • Searchable knowledge base with link to online documentation Knowledge Base

  • Has links for submitting issues, requesting new functionality or asking general questions



  • Call our dedicated MobileMap support line (720)712-4334

  • If no one answers, please leave a detailed message

  • Voice mail checked regularly during work hours, Monday - Friday, 8am- 5pm (PST)

Tips for Reporting Issues

When reaching out to our support team, please provide as many details as possible, including:

  • Your name

  • Preferred method of contact (e.g., email address, phone number)

  • Your organization (company, agency, university, organization)

    • If you are a contractor who is provided with a tablet, MobileMap license or ArcGIS username by the client you work for, please provide your client’s organization name

  • Description of the issue and the steps to recreate it

  • Supporting files such as screenshots, videos or database backups

    • Screenshot of error messages, unexpected symbology, improperly sized forms, etc.

    • Video of unexpected application behavior or crash

    • Export files of data if there was an upload error (Actions > Back Up Database)

  • MobileMap version (Actions > About MobileMap)

  • The name of the Feature Service you are using (Actions > Select Feature Service)

    • This is especially important if your issue involves upload or download of features

    • If you are using InventoryManager, the name of the map (if there are multiple on your site)

  • Category of issue - what type of issue is it:

    • Device issue (e.g., GPS not working, screen turning off)

    • Base map data issue (e.g., imagery not showing or poor resolution)

    • Map display issue (e.g., labels not working, shapefile won't display)

    • Collection (e.g., unable to collect features, attribute field missing or read only)

    • Editing (e.g., unable to edit polygon geometry, unable to update attribute field)

    • Sync (e.g., errors when uploading or downloading) 

    • Documentation issue (e.g., missing or inaccurate documentation on a feature)

  • Scale of the issue - how many users or devices are affected?

    • One device

    • Multiple devices

    • All devices in my organization

  • Severity of the issue:

    • Critical - application crashes or causes loss of data

    • Major - loss of significant functionality, no workaround

    • Normal - moss of functionality, workaround exists

    • Minor - minor loss of functionality or cosmetic issue

    • Immediate - ASAP 

    • Next business day

    • In the next week

    • In the next month

    • In the next release